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Who makes the QB call? Everybody, says Idzik

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, left, speaks with

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, left, speaks with general manager John Idzik during Day 2 of team minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. (June 12, 2013) Credit: James Escher

CORTLAND -- Since his January arrival, Jets general manager John Idzik has said the Jets’ approach to decision-making will always be collaborative. 

And that’s the same tactic they’ll take when deciding between quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, he said.

Idzik made it clear he’ll have “pretty big role” in choosing a starting QB, adding no one person in the organization will have veto power.

Not even Rex Ryan.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” he repeated several times during his 20-minute post-practice press conference. Idzik later joked that no one individual has a magic “scroll” or has the ability to just “drop the gavel.”

“Obviously, we’re going to talk with Rex, with (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg), with (quarterbacks coach) David (Lee), we’ll talk with our entire offensive staff, our scouts. We have a lot of input in that.”

So who exactly has the final say?

“Again,” Idzik said, “it’s a collective effort. This isn’t a one-time event that comes up and we have to make a quick decision. This is over a period of time. So there’s a lot of talk, discussion, debate that goes over these type of decisions. So when you ultimately make that decision, it may look like, ‘OK, on Thursday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, they made the decision on the starting quarterback.’ Well, that’s an accumulation of a lot information and discussion.”

When reminded that NFL head coaches typically make the final call when it comes to roster decisions, Idzik replied: “Well, yes. When you look at who’s going to play, Rex and I are going to talk about that freely. And I like to believe that that has been the case so far, that if you put in that time and effort, when you make the decision, it’s a ‘we’ decision. It’s not one individual.”

When the Jets arrived in Cortland Thursday, Ryan said he’d prefer to make the QB decision “sooner rather than later” – but he was comfortable waiting weeks if need be in order to “feel good” about their choice.

“When I make that decision, clearly I’ll feel great about it,” he said. “And not just me, but I’ll lean on several other people.” 

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