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Will Kerry Rhodes Be a Jet Next Season?

Both the safety and his head coach Rex Ryan were somewhat coy on the topic today.

Rhodes refused to commit either way when asked Monday about his future with the organization. He also tweeted this earlier this afternoon: “To everybody asking about whether im gonna stay here or not its not the time to discuss right now. i just wanna relax for a lil bit. Thx.”

Ryan tiptoed around the issue when he was asked flat out if Rhodes would be a part of the team next year during his afternoon presser.

“This one I really don’t want to talk about much because it’s an individual
thing that Kerry and I have talked about,” he said.

Naturally, the reporters tried to press the issue more. But Ryan became even more cryptic.

“It’s a private conversation that we’ve had. We are the only ones who known what was said in there. It’s not a bad thing. I had a conversation with Kerry and I’m man enough to live up to my end of the bargain.”

When asked if the conversation in question occurred today or after yesterday’s game, Ryan replied: “I had it today and I had it eight weeks ago.”

(Remember this, folks?)

Fellow safety Jim Leonhard said he wants to see the entire roster back next season – but he knows that’s wishful thinking on his part.

“I don’t know if I’ll be back next year,” he said, smiling. It’s one of those things. You never know what happens in this league. That’s the thought going through the majority of players in this locker room right now: ‘Who’s going to be back? Who’s not? Where do you go from here?’

“You reflect on your career, you reflect on your season. There’s a lot of question marks right now. And a lot of these questions will be answered in the next couple of months. We felt like we had a special team this year that was not only talented, but had the right chemistry, and just the right character to be in this league. I hope we get everybody back, but we know that’s not realistic.”

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