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Woody: Jets far apart with Revis on total compensation

Just like his coach and general manager, Woody Johnson isn't pleased that Darrelle Revis is holding out and refusing to report to training camp until he gets a new contract.

"No. 1, am I disappointed? Yes," Johnson said this afternoon. "I would like everything to be clear sailing right to the Super Bowl and we win that. Boom, boom. We’re done. Part of running a team and running a franchise is dealing with disappointment and trying to make things right for the team and actually for the players as well.

"Darrelle, yeah I’m disappointed he’s not here. But the lines of communication as Mike talked about are open. If Darrelle wants me to visit him, I’ll get out and see him wherever he is and talk to him and his family and express my feelings about it."

The Jets owner said he remains open to doing a deal with his Pro Bowl cornerback, provided it's one he believes is fair for both sides. Revis maintains he should be the highest-paid corner in the NFL and wants more than the $15.1 million that Oakland is breaking Nnamdi Asomghua off with annually.

There's been talk among some that fully guaranteed money is issue, that the Jets aren't offering enough in guarantees to the liking of Revis' camp. But the biggest hangup in getting a deal done remains the amount of money both sides feel Revis is worth.

"Here’s my take on that," Johnson said. "I think the main issue with us, the New York Jets at this point, is total compensation. When you get to some of the details like the guaranteed money or the length of the contract – all those things that are part of a contract. But to get to the point where we haven’t even negotiated those because we are so far apart on the other ones. I’d love to sit down and negotiate. We can be flexible.

"We know how good a player Darrelle is. We drafted him, so he’s our guy. We love Darrelle. We want to give him something that he’s comfortable with, but also something that we are comfortable with. It has to be a two-sided deal."

Johnson also said the uncertainty surrounding the lack of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement isn't an issue.

"Next year is more of a bit of an unknown as usual," he said. "Nobody can predict the future any year in the NFL. As an organization, we try to plan as efficiently as we can so that we can field the best team possible to take us to where we want to go and where our fans want us to go."

"It’s almost an imponderable," he added. "We know what we know now and I think we can negotiate in good faith on both sides just what we know. It’s complicated, but I think willing parties can sit down and come up with something that satisfies with his desire is and also satisfies what we need."

Asked if a dip in cash flow was a part of the problem, Johnson said: "I’ve been with the team, this is my 11th year. We’ve never had an inability, through resources, through lack of resources, to sign whoever we wanted. And we can go down the list. Whether you want to talk about Brett Favre or even Mark Sanchez. In terms of signing the players we want, we can do it. But we have to do it in the context of what’s best for the organization – what we think is the best, what Mike thinks really because he’s in charge of that department – going forward.

"I hired him and I extended him because I think he uses very good judgment and I’m not going to impose my judgment on him and say, ‘I like this deal’ or ‘I don’t like this deal.’ If he comes to me with a recommendation and says, ‘Woody, I think this is fair for us and I think this is fair for Revis, we’ll do it today. We’ll do it this afternoon."

Johnson also said he wouldn't have a problem with doling out a hefty signing bonus to Revis, something that would be necessary to give him a large raise because of the reallocation rule. There's supposedly a way around that rule and that would be to give Revis a large lump sum via a signing bonus.

"I think if we can come together, have a spirited cooperation, that gets us closer to the overall compensation that we think is fair for us and good for him ... If we can come to that, then, yeah, we can talk about that other stuff."

As for the negative perception that some may have after seeing Johnson hand contract extensions to Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum last week, Johnson shrugged that off.

"That's business as usual," he said. "We want to have a good foundation. We got D'Brickashaw Ferguson, signed him. You need a good left tackle, you need a good general manager, you need a good coach. And we'll continue to do business. If we can do business, we will do business." 

Still, Johnson believes this thing won't get ugly. 

"I'm an optimist. I think that Revis is a good person. Remember that movie about Revis? As a young man, he lived in an apartment and gave his bedroom to his brother and he slept in the hall. I don't know if you ever saw that. That's Revis. That's the Revis that I think of, and also as a great player. Revis is a good person, too."


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