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Woody Johnson doesn't think Jets have an image problem

"I told him exactly what I'm telling you,"

"I told him exactly what I'm telling you," the Jets' owner said. " 'This is not acceptable, Braylon. I'm disappointed. You let yourself down. You let the team down.' " Credit: Getty Images, 2008

The Jets have made more than share of news off-the-field.

The latest embarrassing one coming yesterday, when the Jets had to put out yet another brushfire after a foot fetish report about Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle surfaced on

But don't tell owner Woody Johnson the Jets have an image problem despite what many feel is an inordinate amount of incidents.

"I disagree with that. I disagree," Johnson said this afternoon here at the team's training complex. "First of all, I disagree with the word inordinate. I think if you read other media in other towns, I think you’d find perhaps another thing. Not to use that as an excuse, but there won’t be any organization I don’t think in the public media that’s more accessible than we are and I’ll stand by what I said earlier.

"I think we are pretty good addressing each one of the incidents that we’ve had this year. I hope we won’t have quite as many going forward."

Johnson didn't have much to say regarding Ryan's foot fetish videos.

"My reaction is, I don't really want to talk about that," he said. "I'm going to respect Rex and how he wanted to characterize it. It's a personal matter, and that's the way it is."

Johnson had no updates regarding the status of Sal Alosi, the strength and conditioning coach who's been suspended for tripping Miami's Nolan Carroll and ordering players to form a sideline wall.

Asked if he has a specific time frame in mind for when a final decision would be made on Alosi, Johnson said: "No, we haven't. Indefinitely is a pretty long time. We're focused on the season, not really the season, but we're focused on the Chicago Bears at this point. In football, that's about as far as you can go."

Johnson said he spoke to Dolphins owner Steven M. Ross.

"I apologized to Mr. Ross and asked if his player was OK," Johnson said. "He assured me that the player was fine. He accepted the apology and he said, 'No problem.' But if it's not a problem to him, it's a problem to me. I also called Bob Kraft and said the same."

Was that because of the comments special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff made to a Chicago radio station, implicating the Patriots as a team that's used sideline walls before?

"I called Bob about any comment that we may have made regarding comments we may have made and how he interprets those comments," Johnson said, adding: "We don't want to be insulting ... Our job is not to insult another team, particularly from a coach or owner's standpoint. That's not what we're here to do."

But what they are here to do, he said, is play football and he's pleased with the way things are looking for his 10-4 team heading into Sunday's matchup with the Bears at Soldier Field. 

"It’s pretty exciting," Johnson said. "We’ve got to get the job done this week and that’s what we are preparing for right now. Even through this, I think the team is very, very focused, maybe even more focused than usual."

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