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Woody Johnson: 'I don't think you can ever have too much Tebow'

Jets owner Woody Johnson has helped spearhead Mitt

Jets owner Woody Johnson has helped spearhead Mitt Romney's fundraising efforts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, The Newark Star-Ledger reported. Credit: Getty Images

Jets owner Woody Johnson has been making the rounds on the political circuit this week in support of the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Republican ticket.

But Johnson took a break from discussing presidential campaigns to chat about Jets football -- and Tim Tebow.

During a CNBC interview Wednesday, the Jets owner was asked about his team's anemic offense this preseason. Johnson took the statistics -- three preseason games, 35 possessions, 174 plays, zero touchdowns -- in stride.

"You can say we're consistent," he said from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. "Yeah, we'd like to score a touchdown, that's for sure. And i think you'll see good things happen. I have confidence. I think the defense, special teams look great. And the offense is just -- hasn't kind of clicked in the way we want it. But I've got tremendous confidence in (offensive coordinator Tony) Sparano and the players we have. They're all great players. I think we'll get the job done."

When asked if the answer to their offensive woes is "more Tebow," Johnson delivered a line that likely will have conspiracy theorists thinking the fix is in.

"I don't think you can ever have too much Tebow," said the Jets owner, who also is Romney's national finance committee co-chair.

"It is more than that. It is getting all the players, the offensive line and everything coordinated in the way you can establish a good running attack and also, you know, have our receivers healthy and ready to participate and contribute to the effort so, you know it a lot of timing and team work that we need."

Johnson's comments came hours after Rex Ryan confirmed Tebow's role would expand if starter Mark Sanchez gets hurt this season. 

Here's the video link for Johnson's CNBC appearance.

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