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Jets GM Joe Douglas defends owner Woody Johnson over alleged racist and sexist remarks

Ambassador Woody Johnson, and Jets owner Chris Johnson

Ambassador Woody Johnson, and Jets owner Chris Johnson during pregame of the Minnesota Vikings at the New York Jets on October 21, 2018. Credit: Lee S. Weissman/Lee S. Weissman

Jets general manager Joe Douglas came to the defense of embattled owner Woody Johnson after speaking with his brother Christopher. 

Johnson, who is President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, reportedly is under investigation for allegedly making racist and sexist remarks. Douglas said Jets CEO and Chairman Christopher Johnson – Woody’s brother – told him those allegations have no basis in fact.

“I want to be clear that what the New York Jets believe in is that every person deserves to be judged by the content of their individual character. There’s no room here for people who think otherwise,” Douglas said during a conference call Monday afternoon. “Specifically regarding allegations against Woody Johnson, Christopher called me and told me his brother would never make comments like that of any sort. Knowing Christopher the way I’ve gotten to know him over the last year I certainly take his word on this.

“Furthermore, during my year here I’ve witnessed the respect and dignity this organization treats our employees with. I feel we have a strong foundation set both in equality and inclusion. I feel like that foundation was laid by Woody and has been continued on by his brother Christopher.”

Christopher Johnson has been running the Jets while his brother has been in England, and has worked very closely with Douglas, who was hired last June. Woody is expected to return this November.  

“Receiving a call from Christopher and just him outlining what was being said and him absolutely saying that’s not what we’re about and that’s not what the Johnson family’s about,” Douglas said. “I report to Christopher. Our relationship is outstanding.  I take him at his word 100 percent.”

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