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Zach Wilson looking ahead to Broncos, not back, after four-interception game against Patriots

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, right, throws under pressure

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, right, throws under pressure from the Patriots' Joejuan Williams during the second half of an NFL game on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Credit: AP/Frank Franklin II

FLORHAM PARK. N.J. – Zach Wilson is ready to redeem himself.

The Jets rookie quarterback turned the page quickly on his dismal four-interception game against the Patriots. Wilson put it to bed on Monday after watching video of the game with his team and began working on correcting his worst day on a football field. He can’t wait to lead the Jets’ offense Sunday in Denver.

"Super anxious," Wilson said. "Just excited to move on."

The Jets are confident that Wilson will be fine and won’t have any lingering effects from that game or a groin issue that popped up in Week 1.

Wilson said he tweaked it in Sunday’s 25-6 loss to New England, but it’s "not even bothering" him now. He’s participated in practice fully the past two days.

It’s important for Wilson to be of sound mind and body if the winless Jets (0-2) are going to go into Denver and play a competitive game against the 2-0 Broncos.

Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has no concerns about Wilson’s mental state. LaFleur, a first-time coordinator, put some of the responsibility for Wilson’s poor performance on his own shoulders.

LaFleur said he went back and evaluated everything he did as far as game-planning and making sure he put Wilson in the best position for him to be successful LaFleur also said the Jets expected there would be some rough days for the young quarterback and everyone involved with this offense, including the play caller.

"We said it from the start of when he got here to going into next year," LaFleur said. There’s going to be ups and downs for him, this offense, myself, for everybody. All you can ask for anyone on this offense, including him, is you come in to work on Monday and fix the mistakes and you keep on trying to improve.

"That’s what he’s done. He’s always going to do that. He’s unflappable. He really is. His mindset hasn’t changed."

The second overall pick out of BYU, Wilson never experienced anything like he went through against Bill Belichick’s defense, which was in man coverage most of the game. Wilson threw only three interceptions in 336 pass attempts all of last season. He was picked off on his first two pass attempts and four of his first 10.

"I haven’t thrown four picks ever in my life in a game," Wilson said. "I’ve got to clean that up and take care of that. But it’s just being able to fight through that adversity every single week, and how can I just keep on getting better and better?

"I knew it was going to be challenging coming here and I knew there were going to be things I would have to adjust and just keep getting better it. It’s how can you move on and get ready for this next one."

Wilson and the Jets face another difficult challenge against Vic Fangio’s defense, which is different than what the Patriots do.

Fangio disguises blitzes more and has a healthy Von Miller rushing from each end. The Broncos flummoxed No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence last week. Lawrence completed 14 of 33 passes and threw two interceptions in a 10-point Jaguars’ loss.

Wilson’s game has been dissected and talked about on sports radio and television shows, but he tunes it out. He said he hasn’t heard much from friends or family about it, either.

"I feel like I have a good cast around me as far as family and stuff, especially people I surround myself with," Wilson said. "A lot of people don’t have my number that aren’t super close to me so they understand how I am as a player and how I approach every single week. I haven’t had anyone really over-coach or try and give perspective because they understand how hard the position is. It’s been good.

"When I signed up for this job to come here, I knew that there was going to be adversity, just like there was in college and just like there was in high school. We work through it and we keep getting better."

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