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Jim Leonhard might have a cure for turf toe

Plenty of players each year suffer from turf toe, a painful condition that limits an athlete's ability to run. In recent weeks, Jeremy Shockey of the Saints and Matt Ryan of the Falcons have been limited by the condition.

Jets safety Jim Leonhard has had his problems with turf toe in the past, but he hasn't had any problems since using a very simple device in recent years.

“I’ve had turf toe a few times in the past, and it’s one of those injuries where you feel like a wus,” he said. “But it’s probably the worst injury I’ve ever had. You hurt them big toes, and there’s nothing you can do.”
But Leonhard hasn’t had any problems lately, thanks to the use of  “toe spacers” between the big toe and second toe on both feet. It's a plastic insert that he wears just about every day.
“It helps take the pressure off,” said Leonhard, who got the idea from a foot specialist he once visited in Wisconsin. “I haven’t had the problem since.”

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