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Jimmy Clausen buys Steve Smith soda, avoids getting beat up

Here is a cute story about Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith performing some rookie hazing on the team's second-round draft pick, Jimmy Clausen.

Smith, a Los Angeles native, texted Clausen earlier this week telling him to make sure he brought some Cactus Cooler soda (an orange and pineapple flavored drink only sold in California and Arizona) with him on his way to Charlotte for minicamp.

Clausen, who called Smith "a great guy," delivered on the soda, which is a good thing, according to Michael David Smith of, who had a great take on the lighthearted hazing.

He knew Clausen would come through with the soda, because the former Notre Dame star is smart enough to know what happens when you cross Smith — you get punched. Just ask Ken Lucas and Anthony Bright.

And Clausen knows first-hand what it's like to get popped in the face, as he was sucker-punched by an irate fan outside at a South Bend establishment after a Senior Day loss to UConn last fall.

Seems like Clausen is already off to a good start in the decision-making department.

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