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Joe Namath rips Brandon Jacobs, too

Joe Namath, senior quarterback for Alabama, was named

Joe Namath, senior quarterback for Alabama, was named national "Back of the week" by the AP after he led Alabama to a 31-3 opening victory over Georgia in 1964. Namath hit 16 of 21 passes for 167 yards, added 55 on the ground for a total of 222 and scored three touchdowns. Credit: AP

There's only so much space in a newspaper column, and we didn't have enough to include another target of Joe Namath's ire: Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. 

After ripping Santonio Holmes for his touchdown celebration that resulted in a taunting penalty in last Sunday's 45-19 loss to the Iggles, Namath unloaded on Jacobs for his TD celebration in Dallas a couple weeks ago. After scoring, Jacobs ran to where a Cowboys helmet was painted in a corner of the endzone. Jacobs then stood on the star on the helmet, and gyrated his hips before handing the ball to the official. 

"Did you see when Jacobs ran into the endzone after he scored? Well, I inferred that was in poor taste. It was like when Terrell Owens ran out to the Cowboys' star in the middle of the field [during a 49ers-Cowboys game]. But they didn't even point it out on television. Nice going, TV. It's a different world, a different life in the NFL." 

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