Below is the 9/11 transcript between Jovan Belcher's mother, Cheryl Shepherd and a 911 operator after her son shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins nine times before driving to the Kansas City Chiefs training facility and committing suicide.

Dispatcher: "Stay with me. You did the right thing.

Belcher's mom: "Get an ambulance here, get an ambulance here. Please."

"It's a house. Please get the ambulance here, please. Oh my God."

"Oh my God Cassie."

"She's shot!"

Dispatcher: "you're son did this?"

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Kasi: "He shot me!" (heard in background"

Mom: "Please send an ambulance for Kasi!"

"Please hurry!"

"The baby's crying!"

"She's still breathing but please hurry . . . I don't know how much time she's got. Dispatcher: "They were arguing. She's been shot?"

Mom: "Cassandra stay with me! The ambulance is on it's way , you hear me? You hear me? Cassandra? Stay with me!"

Dispatcher: "Is She awake?"

Mom: "Barely. She's moving when I talk to her. Please god."

"Please just get the ambulance here."

Dispatcher "Where's your son?

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Mom: "He left."

Dispatcher: "Ok, they were arguing and he shot her?"

"Yes there were arguing."

"Ok, what's your son's name?"

Mom goes silent then.

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Screaming is heard in background, possibly Cassi's.

A baby's cries are also heard in background through parts of video.