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Judge Richard Berman releases letters he received during Tom Brady 'DeflateGate' hearing

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leaves federal

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leaves federal court after contesting his four-game suspension with the NFL on Aug. 31, 2015 in New York City. Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Judge Richard M. Berman received quite a bit of fan mail during the "DeflateGate" hearing.

Berman, who overturned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his alleged role in using purposely deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 18, released 20 letters that he received from fans and other outside parties in relation to the "DeflateGate" saga.

Here are some of the best parts from just a few of the letters that Berman released. (Note: All spellings below are as they were written in the letters.)

"All you have to do is obtain two new NFL official footballs, inflate one to 12 psi, and the other to 11 psi (or whatever they claime was done) and handle these footballs yourself. While I was not in the NFL I have some experience with throwing footballs, and my guess is you won't be able to tell the difference. Any slight difference is certainly not going to enable any NFL quarterback to win a super bowl." -- Michael Bargo Jr., Chicago

"[Brady] interfered with the investigation. Even a sixth grader knows that if you eat the note the teacher catches you with, you have admitted the note was dirty. That is common sense. Is Mr. Brady above common sense?" -- Vanessa Ivelich, Reno, Nev.

"Brady's refusal to address the situation prior to and after the Super Bowl have made him the equivalent of a Watergate burglar. Brady's success, competitive drive and class have made him one of the most respected athletes in sports history. Nevertheless. the Commissioner, on two separate occasions, labels Brady a dishonest person worthy of a substantial suspension." -- Steven E. Kramer, Esq., Lexington, Mass.

"If they are suspending Bradey (sic) for the four games, then why are they not suspending the professional NFL referees that worked the game in question. They are the professionals and handled the football through the whole game placing it on the line of play during the whole game and should have noticed the deflated balls." -- Chet Ogorzalek, Westfield, Mass.

"[Ndamukong] Suh was suspended for zero games for intentionally trying to hurt another player. Brady was suspended for four games for possibly/maybe/potentially having something to do with the air pressure in a footbal being lower than expected." -- Vincent F. Femia

"In football any advantage a quarterback has is dependent on the receivers. Like quarterbacks do the receivers also have a preference of the softness/hardness of their football? It would be logical. If that is the case, then a team's advantage comes only when the receivers have the same preference in football as the quarterback." -- Terri Adelman, Barrington, R.I.

"Given all the bad behavior and the concussion issues, the NFL should focus on addressing those big problems that actually are harmful." -- Adelman

"This whole controversy has been totally blown out of proportions through an unintelligent society and fan base biased against the Patriots. It is also heightened by the Patriots winning the Super Bowl when they were facing defeat. That game was won through good coaching and a defensive player having done homework, studying the videos of the opposing team. He recognized the play called and ran before the ball was thrown to be there for the interception. Further proof that the Patriots are a team that doesn't need to cheat." -- John Homer Hikory

"How can Tom Brady make a touchdown pass complete to the end zone for a touchdown and the receiver slams the ball hard which bounces about 5 feet or more in the end zone. How that be done with a deflated football is a mystery to me. Mega cheers for Tom Brady." -- Gretchen Sharp

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