Usually gregarious, and always thoughtful, Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho didn't offer too much of an opinion on the news that his team had traded away a star running back in LeSean McCoy.

He paused. He creased his brow. He offered an excellent company line.

"You really just have to trust in [Chip Kelly's] plan, knowing that he's obviously a heck of a coach,'' Acho said Wednesday at the United Way of Long Island in Deer Park. "Ultimately, we all desire to win a Super Bowl and he knows what he's doing. You've got to trust the man driving the ship.''

Multiple sources have reported that McCoy is being shipped off to Rex Ryan and the Bills for Kiko Alonso, a linebacker who had a stellar rookie campaign but missed all of 2014 with a torn ACL. McCoy rushed for 1,319 yards last season, a drop from his epic 2013 (1,607 yards and nine TDs, along with 52 catches for 539 yards and two touchdowns). Alonso was runner-up to the Jets' Sheldon Richardson for 2013 defensive rookie of the year, with 87 tackles, two sacks and four interceptions.

Because the 2015 league year does not officially kick off until Tuesday, neither team can announce the trade until then.

Acho said he hasn't spoken to McCoy. "It's been too crazy. I might reach out to him in a week or so, but I know his life is hectic right now.''

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He did, though, express surprise. "We just traded LeSean McCoy,'' he said. "It's proven anything can happen in the NFL.''

Acho was on Long Island to help christen the YouthBuild "Switching Gears'' program. YouthBuild, a United Way youth and community development program, offers vocational training for low-income young adults, some of whom may be trying to escape troubled pasts. The Switching Gears initiative hopes to provide cars for eligible members in an effort to ease their way into a better life.

Acho, who's made his mark as a social media sensation, recently made headlines for agreeing to take a Virginia girl to prom after losing a Twitter challenge. He spoke to YouthBuild students, posed for selfies and provided signed photos for the dozens of people in attendance.

"You really understand why you're in the position you're in,'' he said. "When you have a chance to positively impact people's lives, you don't make excuses, you make it happen.

"I just wanted to take some time out to acknowledge what they're doing and try to be an inspiration or motivation to them.''

Acho said he wasn't sure if the addition of Alonso would mean a change in roles for him.

"We signed two linebackers in the last two days, so you really never know how things will play out,'' he said. "I know his rookie year, [Alonso] did a heck of a job, so I know he's a heck of a player. He's coming off an ACL injury, so we'll see how he bounces back.''