Christian Kirksey may be the tiniest player in Madden history.

Thanks to a glitch in “Madden 15,” gamers have seen the Cleveland Browns linebacker listed as a very short 1-foot-2, just slightly larger than an NFL football.

Kirksey was also mistakenly placed on the Tennessee Titans, which quickly led to the Internet nickname “Tiny Titan.”

“Hold me closer, Tiny Titan,” one person tweeted.

“I am the king of shoestring tackles. #TinyTitan,” another joked.

Madden players aren’t the only ones confused by the mix-up. 

“Why they got me a 1'2 in the Madden glitch lol why ha,” Kirksey tweeted to his nearly 12,000 followers on Monday.

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At least the glitch gave the NFL star an opportunity to give advice to his Twitter followers.

“No matter how small you are, have big dreams, and live big! #madden #glitch #1'2 #reallyLOL #goodmessagetho,” he tweeted.

SportsCenter followed up with the 6-foot-2 player to discuss the glitch on Tuesday.

“My first reaction was – where am I in the game?” he told SportsCenter. “I couldn’t even find myself.”

Once he spotted himself on the field, Kirksey said he laughed while watching himself trying to give a guy a high five.

All jokes aside, he hopes he will get his height back.