This is the part of Mark Sanchez’s preparation you don’t see.

“There's a whole other side of things about being a quarterback in New York," Sanchez said yesterday during a break from his preparation for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Colts.

That other side is dealing with the potential off-field distractions that being a quarterback in New York can throw at you. From marketing people presenting options for commercial ventures, to journalists seeking one-on-one interviews, to simply living and playing in the world’s largest media market. You think facing NFL defenses is tough? This part’s not easy, either.

"There are a lot of people pulling at you and trying to get a piece of you,” Sanchez said. “You need to say 'no' a lot more than you're used to. You've got to be smart, and if you need somebody to say 'no,' that's why my brothers are there for me, my agents, and the Jets' PR staff. They've all been great."

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Brandon Sanchez, Mark’s older brother, has moved from California to New Jersey to help provided the cocoon that Sanchez now lives and thrives in. It’s a carefully orchestrated situation, one that is bearing fruit as Sanchez advances through the AFC playoffs and improves as the Jets’ quarterback.

Here’s my piece in today’s Newsday detailing how Sanchez has managed to keep the world at bay, while concentrating on his sole purpose in his professional life: winning.