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McNair attempts to overturn Brian Cushing suspension

Texans owner Bob McNair is taking the unusual step of personally appealing to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to overturn or reduce linebacker Brian Cushing's four-game suspension.

Goodell suspended the All Pro linebacker for violating the NFL's performance enhancing drugs policy. According to FOX 26 in Houston, McNair will present new evidence to Goodell in hopes of convincing him to lessen or even eliminate the suspension.

The television station reported that Cushing has been undergoing a series of medical tests to show that elevated levels of hCB found in his body were naturally occurring. HCG is a human fertility drug that is on the NFL's list of banned substances.

Cushing has denied using PEDs and McNair said he believes his player. McNair has paid for the testing Cushing has undergone since receiving the suspension. Random tests administered to Cushing last fall showed the substance in his body. He appealed the ruling in February, but the appeal was denied. 

Cushing was the 2010 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Despite the suspension, Cushing is allowed to participate in the Texans' training camp. Once the season starts, he must remain away from the team for the length of his suspension. 

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