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Mixed emotions for Archie Manning

How's this for conflicted feelings heading into the Super Bowl: Archie Manning was a legendary quarterback for the Saints back in the day, and he's thrilled New Orleans is in the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. Then again, he'd prefer if the Colts won the game. Simple reason here: son Peyton is aiming for his second Super Bowl championship.

"It’s kind of a tough deal," Manning told sports radio WWL in New Orleans today. "On one hand, I’ve lived in New Orleans and played there for not that long of a time, I guess twelve years but we’ve lived there a long time so I’ve been through this experience through a lot of lean days. I’ve watched the franchise grow in the last two years and you know they are doing things right. This has been a spectacular year and I have admired the work just like everyone else. On the other hand, I have a son playing here in Indianapolis and we support him. That’s where my allegiances got to be. I can pull for the Colts and for Peyton but at the same time I can still be very proud of all the Saints and everything that has been accomplished there.”

More Manning on the Saints: "What a thrilling game and a wonderful win for the Saints and New Orleans. We’re very excited.”

On how Peyton is feeling heading into his second Super Bowl: “He’s very excited. The Colts are very excited. The Colts are kind of a unique team this year. No one is saying they’re a great team or one of the greatest teams of all time, but their starters have played 16 games this year and they’ve won all 16 games. I think counting today, eight of them they’ve had to come from behind late in the game to win so they’re kind of a resilient bunch. I don’t know if they’re a great bunch, but they’re a good football team. Indianapolis is very excited. Unlike New Orleans they’ve experienced this one time before. Tonight wasn’t as nearly as crazy as it was three years ago. I know they’re excited about going back to Miami but I think they realize they have to play a very good team in New Orleans.”

On how he was feeling when the Vikings were making a comeback: "I thought all along that the Saints were gonna win this game. I was a little bit worried as the Vikings hung in there. I’ll tell ya, I was really concerned because I really thought the Saints would control this game. It scared me a little bit and if the Vikings didn’t turn it over, it coulda been doomsday because they really did turn it over in some crucial times. I thought when they got down there at the end, he would make the field goal, it would be a win for New Orleans. It’s great for this city, it’s great for this organization, Sean (Payton), Drew (Brees), all the players. They’ve worked hard, they deserve this and it’s a great time for a lot of people."

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