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Good Morning

Mr. Vick, may I have your autograph?

 It isn't every day you see an NFL player ask for another player's autograph ... especially after a game. But that's exactly what happened after the Eagles-Cowboys game last night. 

Moments after the Cowboys lost to Philly, Dallas running back Tashard Choice approached Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and asked him to autograph his glove so Choice could show it to his nephew. 

"My little nephew is two years old, so I had to get one for him," Choice said. "I just admire somebody who comes from those circumstances and comes back and proves everybody wrong." 

Choice was referring to Vick's comeback from a prison sentence in connection with his guilty plea of running an illegal dog-fighting operation. 

Choice has taken plenty of heat for asking for the autograph, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it's certainly bad form for a player to ask another for his autograph on the field. Especially after the player looking for the autograph had just lost the game. 

Even Vick was taken aback by the request. 

"That's probably the first time that's ever happened to me," Vick said. "But [Choice] is a great guy. It doesn't surprise me." 

The two know one another from Choice's days at Georgia Tech, when Vick was with the Falcons. 

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