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What do you think of the NFL’s new anthem policy?

Houston Texans players kneel during the singing of

Houston Texans players kneel during the singing of the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Oct. 29, 2017, in Seattle. Photo Credit: AP

The NFL announced a new policy on Wednesday that requires its players on the field to stand during the national anthem. If a player kneels, his team would face a fine by the NFL and the team can also impose a fine on the player.

The policy also allows players who don’t want to participate in the anthem ceremony to stay in the locker room until the song is finished.

Jets chairman Christopher Johnson said that he will not penalize any of his players who choose to demonstrate during the anthem.

“There will be no club fines or suspensions or any sort of repercussions. If the team gets fined, that’s just something I’ll have to bear,” he told Newsday.

Giants president and co-owner John Mara said he was “pleased with the outcome.”

Tell us what you think about the NFL's new policy.

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I think the NFL is incorrect trying to stifle peaceful demonstrations.

Anthony Turner, Lynbrook

They have lost me forever and I will never watch or support an NFL game again.

Mike Raz, Massapequa

Thousands of American died so that song could be played. Lets not forget our Military Men.

John Wichmann, Westbury,N.Y/

I disagree with mandatory displays of so-called patriotism.

Steve Kalista, Bay Shore

If certain players feel compelled to voice their concerns, they have every right to do so.

Jimmy Shnoogen, Westbury

They aren't there to express their opinions or paid to express them, they are there to perform.

David Bloom, Nesconset,NY

Patriotism, like religion, ought to be a private matter, unencumbered by external pressures, politics, and coercive tactics.

richard brenner, miller place, ny

The NY Jets are going to have a hard enough time filling seats with the poor product they present, Year after Year.

Herb Hesse, Holbrook

The NFL is a business, not a political platform. I support the policy.

Mike Alman, Holbrook

First Amendment: ....or abridging the freedom of speech, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition...

Andrew Berlin, Northport


Nancy Barrie, Calverton

Maybe I’ll start watching again,protest great on your own time.

Steve Gawrych , Commack

It is about time. Where does it state that you can do what you want in your job and there are no consequences.

Paul Carideo, Farmingville

If they have a political message then send it another way.

Jim Maloney, Rosedale, Queens, NY

Trump should try reading our Constitution at least once, even though its not "twitterable".

Tom ackerson, Speonk

If you want to protest something get out there on your own time and do it.

Art D'Antonio, holtsville

Our national Anthem is more then a song. It represents all the men and women who have fought for this country.

eric sorensen, Patchogue

I served my country in the Army to preserve our 1st amendment rights that should allow these players to call attention to a...

Robert Meehan, Oakdale

It’s about time the “employers” took a stand. Jets are way off base.

Beverly Delaney, Sag Harbor

This right is stated in the constitution and the president has no Authority to negate that right.

Daniel Artenberg, NY

What makes America great. Is we have. The right. To peacefully protest

Gary Goldberg , Seaford

I believe the kneeling is disrespectful to the Military and our Country.

Raymond Schoenig , Nesconset

It's clear that the Jets care more about their players than the people paying their salaries.


I'm fine with the new policy, just will never watch or go to a Jet game again.

george morrison, levittown, ny

Just don't play the National Anthem.

Steve Limbach, Huntington Station

I'm thankful that the Jets ownership (surprisingly) has taken into account the wishes of their players and is supporting...

Sammy Chu, Lindenhurst

I think the owners should stand for there team who makes them a lot of money.

Lily, Cedarhurst



Silent non-violent protest is a civil way to protest.

John Libretti, North Bellmore

The games are broadcast for my entertainment and not as a soapbox for players, coaches or anyone else.

Thomas E Oldakowski, Huntington

NFL is 100% in the wrong.

Robert Finnan, Syosset

I do not agree with kneeling when the national anthem is being played, what makes our country great is freedom of expression...

Randy zeitlin, Levittown

I am disappointed, yet not surprised, that a bunch of rich white men are stifling the speech of African American employees.

Gil T. Weitman, Upper Brookville

I'm happy they finally made it clear that "taking a knee" is not only disrespectful but also that a football game is not the...

Linda Moebius, Westbury

The NFL is an entertainment TV show ... Nothing more.

James Nolan, Cop

Around ten years or so ago NFL players were not on the field for the Anthem but when the Pentagon, using taxpayer money

richard Herrmann, malverne



I would rather have player take a knee than have fans claiming to be patriotic and behaving in an inappropriate way

Mary Kane , Holtsville

The NFL had been lacking in not making their employees show respect for this great country. Still will not watch any more games.

Charles Shea, Levittown

Thank god for the NHL you will never see that happen at any of there games!!! It’s all about respect for our flag!

Tom Maloney , Hampton bays

Maybe it would be best to go back to when football players weren't even on the field for the anthem, so the crowd can enjoy...

Trini Olsen , Patchogue

People should stand. It's totally disrespectful. We have people who fight for our flag.

Jon Rizack, EAST ISLIP


SALVATORE DE LUCIA, Huntington Station

I believe Bob Costas said it best!

Chris Facts, Old westbury

goodbye jets; goodbye football.

john, southold ny

I think its stupid to fine a team just because people are kneeling

makayla thompson, georgia

As a veteran I'm appalled at the discrace these overpaid players think they can disrespect our flag.God bless America.

Joseph Friscia, 252 A Newcastle court

It’s a constitutional right to protest. Just as it’s a right to own a gun. No different. You can’t pick and choose.

Rich Delgado, North Port

We may not agree but we have a freedom of expression in this great country of ours.

Miles Borden, Kings Park, NY

These overpaid players should always stand and show respect for our flag and country.

Robert Kirsch, East Meadow

You stand for our Anthem.

Richard Frauenglass, Huntington

No one should ever sit or kneel during our National Anthem.

Gerry Armengau, Oceanside

These men feel deeply about taking a knee and I think they should be allowed to without interference from anyone.

Barbara Baverstock, Holbrook

Players had forgotten they are employees representing a product .

Jack Potere , Bayport

Liberty should always be cherished more than any anthem or flag.

David Robins, Garden City

Those who worry about their Second Ammendment rights and the government taking away their guns, should now also worry about...

Connie Star, Farmingdale NY

I think it is un-American to stifle the players right to free speech.

Anthony Campisi, Farmingdale

Any player I pay to see, better be present on the field and stand for our Anthem.


I feel the NFL Owners did the right thing.

Frederick Bedell Jr., Glen Oaks Village

In today’s society we should be looking for ways to get a message out peacefully.

Mike Rossello, Manorville

The NFL football fields are for football, period.

Denise Gray, Huntington

The political garp has all but just about ruined my beloved sport,

Ken Aebly , Glen head

NFL has lost me for good.

Roy Mange, West Islip

Anyone who kneels should be fired from there “job”.

James Kelly, East Patchogue

As Steve Kerr accurately stated today, the NFL is playing to its fan base.

Emilio L Saenz, Tucson

If your boss requests that you do something, you do it.

Fred Charak, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Dumb move

Terry Thompson , Copiague

Whatever happened to the concept that the boss who signed your paychecks could establish some expectations for you?

Kathleen Kelly, Massapequa

players can protest on their own time, on their off days, go on any sports station in America

Patrick Scognamiglio, East Norwich

If Nazis can March, players can kneel.

Michelle Dunn, Baltimore

Have any of these players ever served their country? Probably not

Rich Carlton, Deer Park, NY