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NFL gives union numbers, but not the ones it wants

Are the two sides of the NFL labor negotiations drifting apart during this extension in negotiating? A story from the Associated Press today certainly makes it sound as if the NFL owners and the players' union aren't even talking the same language. The two sides have until Friday to come to an agreement or at the very least agree to another extension in negotiations.

From the Associated Press:

The financial information the NFL has offered to turn over during labor negotiations doesn't include the data requested nearly two years ago by the head of the players' union.

In a letter dated May 18, 2009 - a copy of which was obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press - NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith asked Commissioner Roger Goodell to "provide audited financial statements concerning the operations of the 32 clubs and the league."

Smith attached a list of 10 categories of information he sought, including:

- total operating income;

- total operating expenses;

- profit from operations;

- net income;

- cash and investment assets.

The NFL proposed this week to provide new financial data, but the union said it wasn't enough to satisfy the players' call for full disclosure.

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