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NFL owners pass 1 of 13 replay rule change proposals

NFL owners shot down nearly every video replay

NFL owners shot down nearly every video replay proposal brought to their meetings Tuesday, March 24, 2015, while approving several safety rules enhancements. Credit: AP / Gene Puskar

PHOENIX - Upon further review, the rules stand.

Despite a flurry of 13 team-generated proposals to change the scope and application of video review in the NFL, owners voted down nine of them at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday. Two others were withdrawn and one - the Patriots' annual plea to have fixed cameras along the sideline and in the end zone - was tabled for further research.

The one rule change that was adopted allows officials to turn to replay to confirm the time left on the game clock at the end of a half or overtime if it appears time has expired. The rule can be employed only when there is visual evidence that more than one second should be put back on the clock and if it is a one-score game (eight points or less) and the additional play will be a snap from scrimmage in which the team that is trailing can score.

The rule also allows for the review of timeouts as signaled by officials on the field.

Other rule proposals, including ones regarding extra points, are expected to be voted upon on Wednesday.

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