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No home advantage to get tickets for 2014 Super Bowl

Just because the Giants and Jets are hosting Super Bowl XLVIII doesn't mean the stadium will be filled with their fans. On the contrary. The NFL is in charge of ticketing for its premier event, and while the host team usually receives a small allotment of tickets to sell, the number available to the Giants and Jets will be smaller than usual because they have to be split.

"We have a few years to think about that," Giants president and CEO John Mara said Wednesday. "We have to sit down and figure out how we do some sort of allocation. You don't get a lot of tickets for being the host team, and we have to split it with the Jets.''

One way the teams could increase their allotment would be by playing in the game. That would solve the ticket shortage, right?

"No, it wouldn't," Mara said. "But that's a problem I'd love to deal with."

Coughlin's focus on 2010

Tom Coughlin showed the expected excitement about the Giants and Jets winning the right to host Super Bowl XLVIII. But is that enough to keep him coaching until that game takes place?

"I think we'll start with next year, all right? 2010," he said. "Let's go ahead and look hard at that first."

Coughlin, 63, has two years left on his deal with the Giants.

Weather or not already has offered bets on the weather for the 2014 Super Bowl. The over/under on gametime temperature is 34.5 degrees. Odds on snow during the game: 6-1 that it will, 1-12 that it won't.

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