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Our Week 13 picks

We've got a big one here Monday night, as the 9-2 Jets square off against Tom Brady and the 9-2 Pats.

But first, we've got a full day of NFL action to get through.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Giants (-7) over Redskins

Saints (-6.5) over Bengals

Bears (-4.5) over Lions

Packers (-9.5) over 49ers, best bet

Titans (OFF) over Jags

Chiefs (-8.5) over Broncos

Dolphins (-4.5) over Browns

Vikings (-5.5) over Bills

Chargers (-13) over Raiders

Colts (-5.5) over Cowboys

Rams (-3.5) over Cardinals

Seahawks (-6) over Panthers

Falcons (-3) over Bucs

Ravens (-3) over Steelers

Pats (-3.5) over Jets

Best bets: 4-8

Last week: 7-9

This week: 1-0

Season record: 96-81-4

Mascaro's picks (home teams in caps): GIANTS (-7) over Redskins, Saints (-6.5) over BENGALS, Bears (-4.5) over LIONS, 49ers (+9.5) over PACKERS, Jags (OFF) over TITANS, CHIEFS (-8.5) over Broncos, Browns (+4.5) over DOLPHINS, Bills (+5.5) over VIKINGS, CHARGERS (-13) over Raiders, COLTS (-5.5) over Cowboys, Rams (-3.5) over CARDINALS, SEAHAWKS (-6) over Panthers, BUCS (+3.5) over Falcons, RAVENS (-3) over Steelers, PATS (-3.5) over Jets.

Best bet: Eagles

Best bets: 8-5

Last week: 5-11

This week: 1-0

Season record: 94-83-4

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