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Our Week 9 picks

Well, you know it's a strange week in the NFL when the "Marquee Matchups" are the Bucs at the Falcons and the Chiefs at the Raiders.

But that's the NFL we currently live in — where good teams are bad (looking at you, Dallas and Minnesota), bad teams are good (K.C., Tampa, Oakland, St. Louis and many more), and the Colts are underdogs. 

So why fight it? I say when the going gets insane, get loony. This week, I went with 12 road teams to cover out of 13 games (Green Bay was the only home team I took). Could that ever happen? No. But what the hell, may as well try it out. Nothing else seems to be working. 

However, I shouldn't complain too much, as our very own Bob Glauber and I are the only two Newsday handicappers over .500 for the season. And my 6-2 best bets are second only to Mr. Rock, who is 7-1. He and I are both going with the Patriots in that category. 

Great minds think alike ... or is it crazy minds? Who knows...

Anyway, here are our Week 9 picks, including best bets and season records.

(All picks are against the spread. The Broncos, Titans, Rams, 49ers, Redskins and Jaguars are all on a bye.)

Happy weekend everyone!


Falcons (-8.5) over Bucs

Bills (+3) over Bears (in Toronto)

Patriots (-4.5) over Browns

Lions (+4) over Jets

Vikings (-8.5) over Cardinals

Saints (-6.5) over Panthers

Dolphins (+5.5) over Ravens

Texans (+3) over Chargers

Raiders (-2.5) over Chiefs

Colts (+3) over Eagles

Giants (-6.5) over Seahawks

Packers (-8) over Cowboys

Steelers (-4.5) over Bengals, best bet

Best bets: 2-6

Last week: 7-6

Season record: 62-52-3

Mascaro's picks (home teams in caps): Bucs (+8.5) over FALCONS, Bears (-3) over BILLS (in Toronto), Patriots (-4.5) over BROWNS, Jets (-4) over LIONS, Cardinals (+8.5) over VIKINGS, Saints (-6.5) over PANTHERS, Dolphins (+5.5) over RAVENS, Chargers (-3) over TEXANS, Chiefs (+2.5) over RAIDERS, Colts (+3) over EAGLES, Giants (-6.5) over SEAHAWKS, PACKERS (-8) over Cowboys, Steelers (4.5) over BENGALS

Best bet: Patriots

Best bets: 6-2

Last week: 6-7

Season record: 60-54-3


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