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Owens says Bengals can reach the Super Bowl

Terrell Owens answers questions in New York. (July

Terrell Owens answers questions in New York. (July 13, 2010) Credit: AP

Terrell Owens will face his old Cowboys teammates in Sunday's Hall of Fame preseason game, but the receiver plans on being in Dallas much later on this season. As in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas

"I didn't come to [Cincinnati] to mess," Owens told in an interview. "We're looking to be in Dallas Feb. 6."

Yup. T.O. is talking big. Really, really big.

"If you work maintenance, you better get some more light bulbs," Owens said, "because we're going to light up the scoreboard."

Owens told the website that he felt the biggest rap against him during his run in Dallas was being "a cancer in the locker room. That I'm a distraction. How am I a distraction if over the years you take an incident and someone blows it out of proportion and it's not nearly as bad as it's supposed to be? Over the years, there have been some small incidents that have been blown straight out of proportion."

Owens points to his behavior off the field as evidence of what he believes is a public misperception about him.

"I pride myself with the fact that my grandmother raised me right and taught me right from wrong. You see guys that had DUIs, domestic violence, club altercations and rape violations, and then myself, I get thrown into the same category as those guys and I can't see how that is. Again, it's ignorance, if you ask me. I've had no off-the-field problems, and it's mind boggling."

Owens said he took less money to play this season in hopes of winning a Super Bowl. He's making $2 million in base salary, and can make up to $4 million if he hits all his incentives.

"I definitely took a pay cut to grasp the opportunity to win a Super Bowl," he said. "I know I’m worth more than what I’m being paid. But I’m here playing with my good friend Chad (Ochocinco) and playing with a team that definitely has an opportunity to win the Super Bowl.”

Owens relishes the idea of playing with quarterback Carson Palmer, one of the NFL's top passers.

"I think Carson being that quarterback that can get the ball up and down the field at any given point on the field — that makes my mouth water," Owens said. "I've longed to have a quarterback like Carson."

Of course, he also longed to have a quarterback like Jeff Garcia ... and Donovan McNabb ... and Tony Romo ...

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