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Pash: Collective bargaining process works

Washington, D.C. - Jeff Pash, the NFL’s chief negotiator, gave a vote of confidence to the collective bargaining process, which has come under attack in several areas around the country, including Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker (R) is attempting to strip public employees of collective bargaining rights. 

“All over this country, collective bargaining is being challenged,” said Pash, who is attempting to forge a new collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association. "We’re committed to it. We believe it can work. It has worked, we believe it will work. And so we're glad to have the opportunity to come back here next Monday, continue work and hopefully deliver an agreement that will work for everybody."

Now it’s a matter of getting an agreement, something Pash said will involve compromise, a word he had rarely used before today. 

"I think we’re at a stage where the issues have been joined, there’s been a tremendous amount of discuss,” he said. “It’s time to dig deep and try to find solutions and try to be creative and try to compromise in a way that will work for everybody. The commissioner has been very clear if both sides give a little everyone can gain a lot. That’s what we have to try to do next week.” 

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