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Pierce: Giants should trade Osi

Osi Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora Credit: Getty Images

Osi Umenyiora has reported back to Giants' camp after getting a second opinion on his troublesome knee, but the disgruntled defensive end is apparently not a happy camper because the Giants won't restructure his contract.

One of Umenyiora's former teammates now believes it's time the Giants part ways with the 29-year-old defensive end. 

"It needs to get resolved quick, and I don’t see it going further in a positive way," former Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "I think that, honestly, Osi is ready for a change.  When a guy looks for a trade ... if he wanted to be there, a trade wouldn’t have come out of his or anybody's mouth." 

The Giants allowed Umenyiora to seek a trading partner for the Giants, but only if a first-round pick was being offered. Umenyiora and his agent, Tony Agnone, couldn't find any takers, so the Giants rescinded the offer and told Umenyiora they would no longer seek a trade. 

"It happened [in 2008] with Jeremy Shockey, and it took a whole big blowup for it to finally happen," said Pierce, referring to Shockey's argument with GM Jerry Reese and his subsequent trade to the Saints. "Do you want that to happen again? The guy isn’t happy and he doesn’t want to be there. Free him. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s OK. It happens all the time. This guy doesn't want to be there, so get rid of him."

Pierce thinks a trade will eventually happen. 

"I think they’ll work something out with a trade, and he’ll get his wish and I think they’ll be happier because of it," Pierce said. "You don’t want a distraction. You don’t need any distractions this year. You know how the media is in New York. This question is going to be asked every day until it’s resolved. Do you want to deal with that? I wouldn’t want to deal with that." 


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