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Poll: NFL, players both to blame

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, left, poses for a

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, left, poses for a photo with Prince Amukamara after he was selected as the 19th overall pick by the New York Giants in the first round of the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall. (April 28, 2011) Credit: Getty

 With the NFL's labor problems showing no signs of ending any time soon, frustration is mounting on all sides. There was perhaps no better gauge than the reaction that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got when announcing the first-round draft picks on April 26. He was booed several times at Radio City Music Hall, and fans broken into a chant, "We want football!" several times during the draft. 

But fans seem to be blaming both sides for the impasse, and not just the owners. In an impromptu Twitter poll we posed, we asked the question: Which side do you blame for the NFL labor impass: owners, players or both? 

The answer most often tweeted: both. 

"Both," writes @NYJET_Prime. "They each should be willing to meet in the middle." 

Says @AlioTheFool: "Both. Overwhelmingly. Neither side wants to talk. Just litigate." 

"Must be shared," says @JFBJr82. "Both sides exceedingly greedy. More than enough money to share and be happy. Ridiculous to have gone this far." 

@Lizzy_Nielsen puts it this way: "Both sides being whiny nincompoops. No matter the outcome, all still rich. As my Dad always says "Suck it up" and compromise." 

"Both! At some point, you need SOMEONE in your group who's good enough to get a compromise," says @DeBo_XL. "Neither side has that person."  

But some tweeters put the onus on the owners: 

"The owners are to blame," @sonoamericano says. They are nothing w/o the players. The NFL is the most popular sport in the world!" 

"Owners by far," writes @giantfootballs. "There is a cash grab going on throughout the country." 

And others say it's the players who are at fault. 

"#nflpa should have ext deadline another wk in mar. Instead let feeling get in way (bad biz) and broke off talks, sued," said @Ed_Coutu. 

Either way, it looks like we're still a ways off from any sort of resolution - either through the courts or at the bargaining table. The two sides are awaiting a ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals about the NFL's request for a full stay of the injunction that briefly lifted the lockout late last month. The court issued a temporary stay 11 days ago but has yet to announce its ruling on a full stay. 

The two sides will present their cases at a June 3 hearing at the court of appeals in St. Louis. 


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