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Power Rankings, final version: Colts on top ... Giants not

And that's a wrap ... a final look at the 2009 NFL Power Rankings.

1. Colts (14-2) (1): After passing up a chance for perfection, the Colts wind up losing their last two games. Now all that matters is the only thing that matters: the Super Bowl.

2. Chargers (13-3) (2): Hottest team in the league? Maybe. The Chargers have won 11 straight.

3. Cowboys (11-5) (4): Huge win over the Iggles for Tony Romo (pictured) and the 'Boys insures a home playoff game against … the Iggles.

4. Saints (13-3) (5): Colts lose three straight after a 13-0 start; now they’re hoping to turn it back on for the playoffs.

5. Vikings (12-4) (7): Brett Favre returns to form against the Giants to ensure the Vikings get a bye week heading into the playoffs.

6. Packers (11-5) (9): Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre III? Could be. Packers scorching hot going into the playoffs.

7. Eagles (11-5) (3): Donovan McNabb and the Iggles picked a bad time to have a bad game. Now it’s back to Big D for the wild card round.

8. Patriots (10-6) (6): Pats not only lost the game in Houston, but more importantly, they lost wide receiver Wes Welker (knee) for the playoffs.

9. Cardinals (10-6) (10): Cardinals played it safe in regular season finale against the Packers. Now it’s time for the rematch.

10. Jets (9-7) (13): No. 1 defense. No. 1 rushing attack. Good enough to get on a playoff roll? We’ll soon find out. Jets 5-1 in their last 6.

11. Bengals (10-6) (8): We’ll give the Bengals the benefit of the doubt and say that wasn’t the real Bengals that showed up in a 37-0 loss to the Jets. That obviously changes if the Jets get the better of them again at home in the playoffs.

12. Steelers (9-7) (11): Too little too late for Stillers, who blew too many games this season to get a chance to defend their Super Bowl title.

13. Ravens (9-7) (12): Ravens do just enough to get past Raiders on the road and get into the tournament. At Pats in Round 1.

14. Texans (9-7) (15): No playoffs for Gary Kubiak, but he gets to keep his job as the Texans record their first winning season in franchise history.

15. Titans (8-8) (17): Titans went 8-2 in their last 10. Had they not lost their first six, they might have had a shot at the playoffs.

16. Falcons (9-7) (18): Late-season injuries to Michael Turner and Matt Ryan proved fatal to their playoff hopes. Ryan came back, but not in time.

17. Dolphins (7-9) (16): By the end of the season, the Dolphins lost their top three quarterbacks to injuries. Looks like Chad Henne will be the guy next year, but no guarantees.

18. Broncos (8-8) (14): Josh McDaniels pulls a Mike Shanahan and loses three straight to drop out of the playoff hunt. What a nightmare.

19. Panthers (8-8) (19): John Fox expected to return next season for the final year of hi

20. 49ers (8-8) (22): Alex Smith got his job back this year. Now we’ll find out if he takes the next step in 2010.

21. Jaguars (7-9) (21): Jags lose final three to drop out of the playoffs. Even so, Jack Del Rio gets to stick around.

22. Bears (7-9) (23): Big changes on the offensive staff after the Jay Cutler trade fizzles in Year 1. Bears hope a new offensive coordinator will do the trick. Charlie Weis, perhaps?

23. Giants (8-8) (20): Didn’t take long for the Giants to do the expected and fire defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. Awful season for a team that had Super Bowl hopes coming into the year.

24. Browns (5-11) (24): Mike Holmgren rides to the rescue … or at least that’s the plan.

25. Raiders (5-11) (25): Will Tom Cable be back next season? Only Al Davis knows, and he’s not saying.

26. Bills (6-10) (27): Bills swinging for the fences with Bill Cowher.

27. Seahawks (5-11) (29): Lucky for Jim Mora Jr. he’s in the first year of a four-year contract. One more nightmare season like this, though, and he’ll be on the hot seat. Or else gone.

28. Chiefs (4-12) (30): If Weis doesn’t go to Chicago, Chiefs expected to make a play for him.

29. Buccaneers (3-13) (26): Raheem Morris will be back. Win over Saints might have saved his job.

30. Redskins (4-12) (28): Jim Zorn is out, and Mike Shanahan is about to be in.

31. Lions (2-14) (31): Well, at least the Lions didn’t go 0-16 again. Small consolation for a fan base battered with disappointment.

32. Rams (1-15) (32): Big off-season question for the Rams: Do they use the No. 1 pick on a quarterback?



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