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Ravens' John Harbaugh: Newsday's Bob Glauber looks like Tom Crean

Newsday's Bob Glauber, left; Indiana men's basketball coach

Newsday's Bob Glauber, left; Indiana men's basketball coach Tom Crean, right. Credit: Newsday,, Getty Images

One member of the Harbaugh clan who won’t be able to attend the Super Bowl is Indiana men’s basketball coach Tom Crean, who is married to Joanie, the sister of the two head coaches.

Newsday provided a stand-in to complete the family gathering.

National football columnist Bob Glauber bears such a striking resemblance to Crean that Jim Harbaugh has been looking at him askew since he arrived here Sunday. Yesterday, John Harbaugh walked into a ballroom for his initial Super Bowl news conference, shook Glauber’s hand and said: “Good to see you, Coach Crean!”

Later, when Glauber asked a question about John’s coaching influences, he said: “Looking at you, I think of Tom Crean right away!” He then asked Glauber to stand up so the rest of the global media assembled for the Super Bowl could take a gander at the doppelganger.

Newsday happily obliged.

In a unique twist, Glauber and Crean have actually met once before. Glauber spoke to Crean, then the head coach for Marquette men's basketball, before a game at Madison Square Garden in 2008. Of course, Newsday was there, and caught the meeting on video. Crean actually suggested that Glauber should come into the locker room and give the pre-game speech. Watch below and enjoy -

Newsday's app users can see the video here

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