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Real referees announced for Ravens-Browns game

NFL referee Gene Steratore during the first half

NFL referee Gene Steratore during the first half of a game between the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs. (Dec. 20, 2009) Credit: AP

Sorry, Ed Hochuli fans. You're going to have to wait a few more days to see those guns flex on a first down call or a too many men on the field call (our favorite).

The referee for Thursday night's Ravens-Browns game -- the first of the 2012 season with real referees instead of replacement officals -- will be Gene Steratore.

The NFL on Thursday announced the crew working the game, which will air on NFL Network:

Umpire: Bill Schuster

Head linesman: Wayne Mackie

Line judge: Jeff Seeman

Field judge: Bob Waggoner

Side judge: Jimmy DeBell

Back judge: Greg Steed

You'll cheer these fellas on Thursday night to open the game, but how many calls against their team will it take before Ravens and Browns fans light up Twitter with "Bring the replacements back"?

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