Seems that report in the New York Post that Redskins free-spending owner Daniel Snyder purchased a pair of alligator leather desks — with matching alligator skin chairs — is a crock, according to the team.

"No. 1, Dan does not have an office at FexExField," said Redskins COO Dave Donovan, referring to the report that said Snyder bought the desks for his office at the team's stadium. "Second, he has no need for new desks at any of his offices." 

Donovan demanded a retraction of the story.

Quipped Snyder: "The story is crazy.  I don’t even own a pair of alligator shoes.”

"It appears the New York furnitue store was trying to promote its grand opening by using Dan Snyder's name in a conversation with a reporter," Donovan said.

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Ok, we'll bow out here. No more alligator mentions. We'll stick to the pigskin instead.

UPDATE: The woman who claimed that Snyder bought the desks has been fired from the Madison Ave. store. "I apologize to all concerned in this matter," she told the New York Post. "I never use the names of my customers and my employee lied. She has been terminated from the company."