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Report: Jim Kelly's cancer is back

Sad news to report here: Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, who led the Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances from 1990-93, found out this week that he will need further treatment for oral cancer. The return of his cancer was reported by the Buffalo News. 

"Jim Kelly came to ECMC this week for continued testing related to his oral surgery. Unfortunately, it has been determined that his cancer has returned,” said Dr. Thom Loree of the Erie County Medical Center. “Our team of head and neck cancer specialists is determining a course of treatment that will allow Mr. Kelly to battle this cancer successfully. Mr. Kelly has asked that you to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Kelly was diagnosed with cancer last summer, and he had surgery to remove a turmor and rebuild his jaw. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kelly and his family as he embarks on what we hope will be a successful course of treaments. 

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