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Revis at Super Bowl, but not playing

Cornerback Darrelle Revis reacts during a game in

Cornerback Darrelle Revis reacts during a game in an undated file photo. Credit: Getty Images

Darrelle Revis was making the rounds on Radio Row at the Super Bowl today. Not the way he wanted to be spending his time in Dallas this week.

“It bothers me to a certain (degree), but it wasn’t meant to be for us to be here this week,” he said of coming as a spokesman and interview subject and not a player with his Jets teammates.

But he’s not letting the disappointment of coming one game shy of a Super Bowl appearance take away from what the Jets accomplished in 2010.

“We had a lot of positive things that we did,” he said. “The icing on the cake would have been being here and winning it. That would have made us very happy. But that just shows you how tough it is to get to the Super Bowl and actually win it. We talk about it a lot because that’s what we believe and that’s why we play this game, but also we have to put the work in and be consistent in our play and make sure we work hard to get there.”

Instead, Revis went to Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl last weekend. He and D'Brickashaw Ferguson were the only Jets who were there playing in the game. But there was another Jets presence.

Rex Ryan was there.

“I hung out with him out there,” Revis said, adding that they didn’t commiserate or go over Xs and Os or dwell on the season. There was no talking shop. “We were just talking about life, hanging out. I was just having fun.”

Revis said he wasn’t surprised that players around the league have said that they would want to play for Ryan. Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips were among that group, at least until they retracted their comments.

“When you talk to a lot of players, I think a lot of them do want to play for Rex because of the style he brings, how loose our organization is and how we have fun,” Revis said. “I think that’s just the Smartness of Rex, not putting pressure on us and just letting us play. Don’t get me wrong, it’s him and the coaching staff putting us in the right position to make plays.”

Ryan’s trip to Hawaii, though, was a perfect illustration of the coach’s dedication to his players.

“Support,” Revis said when asked why Ryan made the trip (although “Hawaii” might have been just as appropriate a one-word answer). “We had three guys. Nick (Mangold) didn’t make it, but he came there to support us. That means a lot. Some coaches can’t care less when their player is in the Pro Bowl, but he shows his support and love and we appreciate that.”

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