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Rex Ryan puts bounty on Rob Ryan's head ... kinda sorta

Rex Ryan played the prankster with the Cleveland media today, suggesting that he's putting a bounty on twin brother Rob, the Browns' defensive coordinator.

"It's going to be more physical on Sunday," Rex Ryan said. "There's a rumor floating around there's been a bounty placed on his head. I don't know ... All right. Let's be honest. There is a bounty on his head. There's no question.

"I'm a little concerned with our guys bouncing off of his belly. If they run into [Browns head coach Eric] Mangini, that would be fine. Would I have placed a bounty on Mangini? I would have, but he's so small right now that it'd be hard to hit that kind of target."

Mangini has lost a significant amount of weight this year, while Rex Ryan had lap-band surgery last March. Rob Ryan is still struggling with weight problems.

When he wasn't joking about his brother, Rex offered some insight into Rob's coaching prowess. 

"He's one of the most creative coaches in the league, probably the most on defense," Rex Ryan said. "I think him and Mangini together, that's a pretty good tandem right there. That's a tough group right now. They're flying around. They're doing all kind of different things, multiple fronts, multiple coverages, blitzes. It's great to see and tough to go against."

Rex Ryan believes Colt McCoy will be the Browns' starting quarterback this week, even though Mangini remains evasive. Seneca Wallace (ankle) has returned to practice on a limited basis. 

"I don't know if [McCoy's] going to be the starting quarterback this week," Rex Ryan said. "Because I think there's a good chance Frank Ryan will be the quarterback this week."



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