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Rodgers thinks some Packers more picture-worthy than others

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Photo Credit: Getty Images

You’d think the Green Bay Packers of all teams would be the best when it comes to taking pictures. All they have to do is say “Cheese(head)!”

But no. The Packers have become embroiled in the first ever controversy surrounding the taking of the official team photo in Dallas. And not all of it is being kicked up by the evil media.

In a brief media availability today, Aaron Rodgers was asked about teammates on injured reserve who are not arriving in Dallas until later in the week and were originally not scheduled to be in the snapshot (the photo session has been moved to Friday to accommodate them). Rodgers noted that when was on injured reserve in 2006, he stayed in Green Bay to finish the season instead of returning home to California. There seem to be more injured players wanting to get into the picture than there were in the Packers’ facility this season.

"I'll say this, I was on IR back in 2006 and I chose to stick around and finish out the season with my guys and be here every game. Some of those guys didn't," Rodgers said. "We love them, we care about them, we don't wish injury on anybody, but this is a group of guys that's really come together and it's been great to work with the guys we've brought in midseason, some of them, and the young guys.

Some of the guys who were injured, they still are part of this team, but some of them didn't choose to stick around."

Rodgers also was asked whether he'd feel closer to the injured players if they had stayed in Green Bay.

"Well, they're part of this team, first and foremost, but some guys choose to do their rehab in other places," Rodgers said.

Injured linebacker Nick Barnett, whose Twitter complaints about being excluded from the Kodak moment earlier this week first set off the storm, was back on the social media site, apparently in response to Rodgers. And apparently for the last time. He said he was closing out his account.

"All I wanted to be is included as a teammate nothing more," Barnett tweeted. "Looks like it has backfired on me.. I guess That was asking too much... Sorry if I offended anyone."

In terms of football and the Super Bowl itself, Rodgers said he did not suffer a concussion when he was hit by Julius Peppers in the NFC title game last week. As this latest picture-taking brouhaha points to, though, that doesn’t mean the quarterback isn’t dealing with headaches.


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