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Saints are used to chaos

The craziness of Super Bowl week can be overwhelming for a team, particularly one that has never been to a Super Bowl. Several Colts noted the ease with which they slipped into the routine of the festivities thanks to their trip to the same city -- and the same hotel, even -- three years ago.

But for the Saints, the idea of taking their show on the road is nothing new. Even if the Super Bowl itself is.

“We’re on our normal schedule," Sean Payton said in his final press conference before the game. "There are a few little nuances just in regards to the bus logistics. This event here is a little different. We’re in meetings right now. But this is something that we’ve done before in regards to travel and relocate. Our London game last year. Houston in the pre-season this year. With (Hurricane) Gustav last year we relocated to Indianapolis. You know, you set up shop in the hotel much like you would at training camp. You get your meetings established, you get your itinerary established and you try to stay in routine. Those are things that are important.”

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