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Santonio Holmes crossed the line on Twitter

Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes has received plenty of negative attention from the civil lawsuit he is facing regarding a March 7 incident where he allegedly threw a drink at a woman in an Orlando nightclub.

Even team president Art Rooney II issued a statement today expressing his "disappointment" with his star receiver.

"We are disappointed to learn about the recent incident involving Santonio Holmes in Florida," he said.

Yet Holmes isn't taking the criticism sitting down. In fact, last night I believe he crossed the line on his Twitter page when he called for one of his critics to kill him or herself.

Wrote Holmes to Tweeter @DMKayser, who is a self-proclaimed Steelers fan from Pittsburgh: "y u tryna make me look like the bad guy. U shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself"

Holmes (pictured, left) seems to be enjoying all the attention the case has brought him, albeit negative. He has a right to free speech, but he needs to realize the harmful effects his words can have.

Since @DMKayser's page is private, we don't know what he or she wrote to Holmes to prompt that reponse. Regardless, it could have been a young fan who might take his words literally.

Recently, cyber-bullying has been cited in many suicides around the country, including that of West Islip soccer player Alexis Pilkington, who, according to friends, was the victim of bullying on the website

Holmes needs to realize that as a prominent athlete, his words hold greater weight with impressionable youths.

More importantly, he needs to go about his business with his mouth shut, and then grow up.

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