(Neil Best here and at your service, guest blogging this item for Glauber, who is in Florida covering the big game and a tad busy.)

Scott Green has been named referee for Super Bowl XLIV, his first such assignment.

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That name might sound familiar to Giants fans, as Mr. Green was the back judge for the notorious Giants-49ers wild-card playoff game of January, 2003.

Green neglected to call pass interference on the 49ers' Chike Okeafor for dragging down Giants guard Rich Seubert - who had checked in as an eligible receiver on the play - when holder Matt Allen attempted a desperation pass after a botched field goal snap by Trey Junkin.

The 49ers won, 39-38, after trailing 38-14 late in the third quarter.

Considering the takedown of Seubert and other circumstances surrounding that ill-fated final play, Paul Tagliabue called it the worst officiating failure of his term as commissioner of the NFL.

Photo: Frame grab from WB11 (That's the ball about to be snapped by Junkin, when we all were younger and more innocent than we would be a few seconds later.)