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Shockey and Vilma: Together again

Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey and linebacker Jonathan Vilma were teammates at the University of Miami, and both were drafted by New York teams. Shockey went to the Giants and Vilma to the Jets.

Then they got hurt.

Then they got traded.

To the same team.

Small world.

“Jonathan’s a great guy,” Shockey said. “We came in together; we hit it off with each other. We’d always do one-on-one practice drills with each other. He got hurt early when he came in, I think his knee, and I had a successful season that year. He came back and played very well the next year. His determination of playing at this level, and even in the college level, has been unparalleled to a lot of people that I’ve met. A lot of people have more talent than him, but you won’t outwork him. A lot of people have more talent than myself, and it’s hard to outwork both of us, because the University of Miami has instilled in our brain, just work, work, work, work harder. They might beat you the first 10 times, but the next 100 times, you’re going to win.”

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