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'Sport Science' examines Tim Tebow's throwing motion

The folks over at Sport Science, who analyze the physics of sports, delved into Tim Tebow's new throwing motion, which he unveiled at his pro day just over a month ago. What they saw was a drastic difference, one that may have changed NFL scouts' opinions about whether or not Tebow (pictured) can be a productive NFL quarterback.

First, they showed how Tebow holds the ball during his dropback nearly 12 inches higher than he did at Florida, allowing for a quicker release. Instead of a throwing motion where he had to wind up below his waist like a pitcher in baseball, all he has to do now is cock the ball one foot behind his head to fire away.

As a result, the ball travels 25 percent less from snap to throw than it did before, even though his new release point is essentially the same (3 degrees more upright).

The change allows him to get rid of the ball an average of 60 milliseconds quicker. Because the fleetest defenders can move as fast as nine yards per second, Tebow's new motion can create up to two extra feet of protection, which could mean the difference between a sack or interception, and a touchdown.

Here is SS's John Brenkus discussing these changes. It's worth a watch.

Here is the press conference with Tebow after his pro day, in which he discusses the new motion and why he decided to change.

We'll see either tomorrow or Friday just how much Tebow's new motion swayed the keen NFL scouts' eyes.

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