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Suh needs to sit

In the wake of Ndamukong Suh’s foot-stomping incident during the Lions’ Thanksgiving Day loss to the Packers, the NFL needs to send a clear message and suspend the second-year defensive tackle without pay a minimum of two games. 

Suh is already regarded as one of the dirtiest players in the game in less than two years in the NFL, but he went even further over the line when he stepped on Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith after a third-quarter play. The incident was somewhat reminiscent of the time defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, then with the Titans, stepped on the helmet-less head of Cowboys center Andre Gurode in a 2006 game. Haynesworth was suspended five games. Interestingly, his defensive coordinator at the time was Jim Schwartz, who is now the Lions’ head coach. 

Suh had been so upset with what he perceived as being unfairly targeted by the league because of his aggressive play that he met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this month. But the discussions apparently had little effect, because Suh’s action on Thursday was a further escalation of his dirty play. 

What’s worse: Suh insisted after the game that he didn’t stomp on Dietrich-Smith, but was simply trying to extricate himself from the situation. 


Suh subsequently apologized on his Facebook account for the hit, and the Lions issued a statement saying he was wrong. But we don’t any of it to change Goodell's mind; it’s time the commissioner step up his enforcement of the rules and put Suh in a timeout of at least two games. If not more. 

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