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Seahawks' Golden Tate wears Google Glass, GoPro at Super Bowl Media Day

Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate speaks to reporters

Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate speaks to reporters during Super Bowl Media Day at the Prudential Center. (Jan. 28, 2014) Credit: Newsday/Nick Klopsis

NEWARK -- Golden Tate admits that he’s not much of a gadget guy. But there he was at Super Bowl Media Day rocking two high-tech gizmos on his head and another at his booth.

The Seahawks receiver looked like he just came from the nearest electronics superstore on Tuesday at the Prudential Center, donning Google Glass on his head and a GoPro camera on the bill of his hat. He also had a digital camera at the ready at his booth.

Tate said he’s been documenting his entire Super Bowl week experience -- from Media Day to life at the hotel -- on his Google-provided Glass and on his GoPro. Once he edits the video, he said he plans on sharing it with Seahawks fans back home in Seattle.

“Really I thought it would be a great idea to try to film my experience through my eyes, literally through my eyes, for the 12s,” Tate said. “They’ve supported us all year and we appreciate it so much. I figured this would be a small way for me to give back and for the people that aren’t able to make it out, they can see this. I’m looking forward to editing it out and moving forward with it.”

The fourth-year receiver out of Notre Dame was the Seahawks’ leading receiver in 2013, hauling in 64 catches for 898 yards and five touchdowns.

“Sometimes I catch myself thinking, pinching myself, am I really at the Super Bowl?” Tate said. “Am I really participating at the Super Bowl? Am I really a starting receiver for a Super Bowl team? That’s crazy to think because that’s something I’ve dreamed about my entire life. That’s special, I’m trying to savor every single moment by having my GoPro and my Google Glass and my camera is right here. It’s a blessing; it’s a blessing first and foremost.”

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