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Super Bowl presentations now complete

The new Meadowlands Stadium won't be hosting the

The new Meadowlands Stadium won't be hosting the 2014 Super Bowl. (Apr. 8, 2010) Credit: Joe Epstein

DALLAS — Presentations from all three contenders for the 2014 Super Bowl — NY/NJ, Tampa and South Florida — have completed their presentations to owners. They had 15 minutes each to review the strengths of their bids.

Now the owners of the teams from the three cities make their pitch: In order, it will be Steve Ross of the Dolphins, Joel and Bryan Glazer for the Bucs, John Mara for the Giants and Woody Johnson for the Jets. They'll get five minutes each.

After that, owners will vote on the bids.

If no team gets 24 votes on the first bid, the third-place finisher will be knocked out. Another vote will be held. If neither team gets 24 votes, then another vote will be held, and a simple majority will declare the winner.

(The 24-vote rule on two bids is somewhat arcane, since a simple majority will ultimately determine the winner. It's the result of when Super Bowl finalists numbered four, instead of three.)

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