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Super Bowl Trivia #11

Back with some more Super Bowl questions. Answers will be posted here on the blog and on my Twitter account later this evening.

1. What was the first wild card team to win the Super Bowl?

2. Who are the only two Super Bowl MVPs born outside the United States?

3. The longest field goal made in a Super Bowl was 54 yards. Who kicked it?

4. Who is the only wide receiver to throw for a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

*Expert question alert* 5. What player holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances? (Hint: He played in six Super Bowls with two different teams.)


(*Answers: 1. The Oakland Raiders, who won Super Bowl XV, 27-10, over the Eagles, were the first wild card team to win the Super Bowl. 2. Mark Rypien, MVP of Super Bowl XXVI for the Redskins, was born in Canada, and Hines Ward, MVP of Super Bowl XL for the Steelers, was born South Korea. 3. Steve Christie hit a 54-yarder for the Bills in Super Bowl XXVII. 4. Antwaan Randel El, a college QB at Indiana, tossed a 43-yard TD to Ward in Super Bowl XL for the Steelers. 5. Defensive lineman Mike Lodish played in six Super Bowls — all four Bills losses from 1990-93 and both Denver wins in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.)

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