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Super Bowl Trivia #2

Remember, all trivia answers will be posted on my Twitter account, which can be accessed here.

Okay, here's the questions for Day 2 leading up to Super Sunday...

1. Who is the only special teamer to win Super Bowl MVP?

2. What is the largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history and what team accomplished the feat?

3. Who is the oldest living Super Bowl coach?

4. Who has the most tackles in a single Super Bowl?

5. What Super Bowl coach went to Purdue University?


(Answers: 1. Desmond Howard, who scored on a 99-yard kick return for Green Bay Super Bowl XXXI. He also had a 34-yard punt return. 2. The 49ers beat the Broncos by 45 points (55-10) in Super Bowl XXIV. Joe Montana threw for five TDs, three to Jerry Rice. 3. Marv Levy, 84, though he didn't win in any of his four appearances. 4. Bears linebacker Lance Briggs (pictured tackling Cedric Benson) made 11 tackles in Super Bowl XLI. 5. Hank Stram, who coached the Chiefs in Super Bowls I (a loss) and IV (a win). He graduated from Purdue in 1947.)

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