Answers will go up tomorrow, here and on my Twitter account.

1. What three wide receivers have won Super Bowl MVP for the Steelers?

2. What four quarterbacks have started Super Bowls for the Giants? (Hint: One is the guy pictured above ... haha.)

3. What four quarterbacks have started Super Bowls for the Redskins?

4. *Tough question alert*: Sun Life Stadium (formerly the Landshark, Pro Player, Joe Robbie and Dolphin Stadium) has hosted four Super Bowls before this year. In each there has been a kick return for a touchdown. Who had them?

5. Who is the only player to win three Super Bowl MVPs?


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(Answers: 1. Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X, Hines Ward in Super Bowl XL, and Santonio Holmes in Super Bowl XLII. 2. Phil Simms was MVP of Super Bowl XXI, Jeff Hostetler started Super Bowl XXV, Kerry Collins started Super Bowl XXXV and Eli Manning was MVP of Super Bowl XLII. 3. Billy Kilmer started Super Bowl VII, Joe Theismann started Super Bowls XVII and XVIII, Doug Williams was MVP of Super Bowl XXII, and Mark Rypien was MVP of Super Bowl XXVI. 4. Stanford Jennings took one to the house in Super Bowl XXIII for the Bengals, Andre Coleman had one for the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX, Tim Dwight returned one for the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII, and Devin Hester took the opening kickoff for a TD for the Bears in Super Bowl XLI. However, all four teams lost the game. 5. Joe Montana, who was MVP of Super Bowls XVI, XIX, and XXIV.)