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Super Bowl Trivia #8

Back with some more Super Bowl questions. Answers will be posted here on the blog and on my Twitter account later this evening.

1. Who is the last running back to win Super Bowl MVP?

2. Who was the only player on a losing team to win Super Bowl MVP?

3. What is the northernmost point a Super Bowl has been played?

4. Who is the last Super Bowl MVP who played his college ball at a Pac-10 school?

5. How many yards was Eli Manning's famous pass to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII?

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(*Answers: 1. Terrell Davis was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXII for Denver after rushing for 157 yards and three TDs on 30 carries. 2. Linebacker Chuck Howley was the MVP of Super Bowl V for Dallas despite the Cowboys losing to the Colts, 16-13. Howley intercepted two passes and recovered a fumble. 3. The Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the site of Super Bowl XXVI, which the Redskins won over Buffalo, 37-24. 4. John Elway, who won MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII for Denver, played his college ball at Stanford. 5. Thirty-two yards. Tyree actually finished with three receptions for 43 yards and a TD.)

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