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Super Bowl Trivia is back!

Last year, we spent the two weeks in between the championship games and the Super Bowl with some Super Bowl trivia ... and it's back for year No. 2!

I have no prizes other than fame and recognition on this here blog, but please play along by posting your answers in the comments section. Why? Because it's fun.

Anyway, because of our new blogging system, I can't list the answers on this post (I'm not able to hide them), so I'll post the answers on my Twitter account, which you can access here. (*Update, I've decided to post the answers here on the blog, but I'll do it a day after the initial post so you guys/gals have time to get them on your own.)

We'll do this once a day until Super Sunday. Away we go...

1. How many different cities have the Colts played Super Bowls in?

2. Which 49er intercepted Boomer Esiason in Super Bowl XXIII?

3. Which QB has the most passing yards in the Super Bowl?

4. Which Patriot intercepted Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII?

5. Which player has rushed for the most yards in a Super Bowl?


(Answers: 1. 1, Super Bowls III, V, XLI and XLIV were/are all in Miami. 2. Bill Romanowski picked off Boomer in Super Bowl XXIII. 3. Kurt Warner has thrown for 1,156 yards in three Super Bowl appearances, the most in NFL history. 4. Ellis Hobbs picked off Eli in Super Bowl XLII. 5. Timmy Smith rushed for 204 yards for the Redskins in Super Bowl XXII. He is the only player to rush for 200+ yards in a Super Bowl.)

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