SAN FRANCISCO — Dan Marino is often recognized for being the ideal passer. His mechanics, his motion, his quick release and his arm strength got him to the Hall of Fame. But Marino said there is not just one way to play the position, and Super Bowl 50 is a great example of that.

“There’s always going to be different guys,” Marino told Newsday. “Cam Newton can make the plays how he makes them, running around, making great throws from the pocket and outside the pocket. And there is always going to be guys like a [Tom] Brady or a Peyton Manning who stand in there and throw from the pocket and can beat you that way.”

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While Super Bowl 50 may feel like a referendum on those contrasting styles — a Broncos win would mean the old style still works, a Panthers win would usher in a new age of quarterbacking — Marino said there is and always will be plenty of room in the league for both. Even if more and more quarterbacks come into the NFL ready to use their legs more than their arms.

“I think you’re always going to have both styles of players because of the way college football is today,” he said. “Guys are running around all day.”